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Everything You Every Wanted To Know About Peter Wyngarde


Personal Appearances

Hobbies and Interests

Peter’s Scrapbook

Some of the interesting bits’n’pieces that makes Peter so unique


Alexander the Great

Dick Barton Strikes Back

Flash Gordon

The Innocents

Night of the Eagle (A.K.A. Burn, Witch, Burn)

The Siege of Sidney Street

Tank Malling


The Making of Flash Gordon 

A look behind the scenes of the sci-fi classic

Flash Gordon 35th Anniversary Celebration

General Klytus: From Behind The Mask

A portrait of Ming’s right hand man from Peter’s unique perspective

Night of the Eagle: Then and Now

A collection of photographs from the film and the locations now

The Making of Night of the Eagle

The Making of The Siege of Sidney Street

A fascinating look behind the scenes


The Peter Wyngarde Album 

An in-depth look at both the album and CD reissue

Album Lyrics

DVD, Blu-Ray, Laser Disc and Audio

ITC Home Video

The story behind the 1990’s video releases

Tribute Records

The songs inspired by Peter Wyngarde

Peter Wyngarde Immortalised in Song

Part 1

Part 2


Radio Plays

A comprehensive list of all Peter’s radio plays and radio interviews


TV Appearances


The Adventures of Ben Gunn

The Avengers: ‘A Touch of Brimstone’

The Avengers: ‘Epic’

The Baron: ‘The Legions of Ammak’

Camino Real

Darkness at Noon

Doctor Who: ‘Planet of Fire’

The Education of Mr Surrage

Enemy of the People  NEW

Esso World Theatre: ‘The Way Of The World’

The Further Adventures of Gallagher: ‘A Case of Murder’

The Hammer House of Mystery and Spence: ‘And The Wall Came Tumbling Down’

I, Spy: ‘Let’s Kill Karlovassi’


The Light is Dark Enough

Love Her To Death


Lucy in London

The Man In Room 17: ‘First Steal Six Eggs’

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Night Conspirators 

One Step Beyond: ‘Nightmare’

On Trial: Sir Roger Casement

Out of This World: ‘Cold Equations’

The Prisoner: ‘Checkmate

The Saint: ‘The Man Who Liked Lions’

The Salt Land

The Shining Hour 

Sunday Special: Shadrach, Neshach and Abednego

Sherlock Holmes: ‘The Illustrious Client’

Sherlock Holmes: ‘The Three Gables’


Sword of Freedom: ‘The Sicilian

A Tale of Two Cities 


Locations Revisited

A comprehensive list of places where Peter has filmed

The King’s Pawn

A look behind The Prisoner episode, ‘Checkmate’

The Making of the Doctor Who episode, ‘Planet of Fire’

A journey behind the scenes in Lanzerote 

‘South’: British Film Institute Screening 

Screening of ‘South’ by the British Film Institute. Includes a transcript of  Peter’s Q&A: 3rd July, 2017


Theatre Appearances

A complete list of all Peter’s stage appearances, from youth theatre to the present day

Theatre Revs


Big Toys


The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari

Dear Liar



The Duel 

Duel of Angels 

The Enchanted

The Good Woman of Setzuan

Journey’s End

The King and I

Mother Adam

 ∗  For ‘Night Conspirators’, see Television List above

No Laughing Matter

The Old Vic Season 1959

Reviews of ‘Taming of the Shrew’, ‘Long Day’s Journey Into Night’ and ‘Cyrano de Bergerac’

Pick Up Girl

Present Laughter

St Joan

The Two Character Play 


Wait Until Dark 

Theatre Rel

Behind Every Good Play is an Equally Good Drama

The story behind the stage play, ‘Duel of Angels’


Theatre and Television Notices


Department S Episode Guide

Jason King Episode Guide

Department S: ‘Six Days’ – Script to Screen

The Making of a Department S Episode

Department S versus Jason King

A discussion on which was the better series

Jason King Biography

The life of the much-loved character, written by Peter Wyngarde

Jason’s King-Dom

A look at Elstree Studios during the time that Department S and Jason King were being filmed there

Jason King’s Big Day In The House Of Commons

How Sir Lew Grade stood up to the ITA


Theatre and Television Notices


Checkmate Interview: Peter Wyngarde

The Ultimate Peter Wyngarde Interview

Caron Gardener

Carl Gresham

Dennis Spooner


Adventures in Convention Land

Peter’s time on the convention circuit


 A look into the products that Peter helped to publicise in the 1970’s

Allan Warren: A Fair Weather Friend 

While those of us who loved Peter continue to grieve, Royal photographer, Allan Warren, spots an opportunity to abuse those of us who cared.

An Actor In Search of a Character

Peter talks in-depth about some of the characters he’s played

The Anatomy of Libel

A study of the dangerous and damaging world of ‘Alternative News’ websites

Comic Books

Comic book characters inspired by Peter Wyngarde

Do They Mean Me?

A tongue-in-cheek look at some of the more outlandish (and mostly inaccurate) stories about Peter that have been found in the press

Donald Spoto: Once Upon A Time

A look at ‘author’ Donald Spoto’s wildly inaccurate book, ‘Otherwise Engaged: The Life of Alan Bates’, and the fictitious portrayal of Peter

‘Fall In: The Prisoner at 50’

A personal insight into Peter’s trip to Portmeirion: Thursday, 28th September, 2017

Fantabulosa! And Other ‘Gay Codes’

A look at the ridiculous perspective of author, Andy Medhurst

The Final Curtain

Film-maker, Luther Bhogal-Jones talks about working with PETER on his final dramatic performance

It’ll Be Alright on the Night

Bloopers and continuity errors in Peter’s films and TV series

Meeting Peter

Stories from the fans who’ve been lucky enough to meet ‘The King’

Out on the Town With Peter

Photographs and stories from Peter’s red carpet lifestyle

Peter Wyngarde – Media Star

An archive of magazine covers and press-cuttings dating back over 60 years

Peter and his Fans

An affectionate look at Peter’s relationship with his loyal fanbase

Peter: A Personal Tribute 

A gift of love, gratitude and respect by Tina Wyngarde-Hopkins

The Prince of Panache

A peep inside Peter’s fabulous wardrobe

They Said It Was All Over

A look at Peter’s career, post-Jason King

To Munich With… Panache!

Peter’s appearance at the famous Krone Theatre in Munich, 1971

Trial by Media

How, in 1975, Peter was judged and found guilty by a misinformed media and the gullible who believed it

Wiki-Watch  UPDATED (04/05/18)

Due to public demand: The Wikipedia P.W. ‘biography’ – Review and corrections

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

Peter’s tour of Australia, 1970



Peter Wyngarde-related collectables from around the world

All That Glisters

Some of the more ‘high end’ Peter Wyngarde collectables

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