“PETER WYNGARDE is probably the country’s most underrated actor”.

Sir John Gielgud – Actor

Sunday Night Theatre

  • Episode: Rope
  • Broadcast: January 8th, 1950

Character: Charles Granillo

The Dybbuk

  • Broadcast: October 21st, 1952

Character: Channon

General Electric True Theatre

Character: Raymond DeTresk

Sunday Night Theatre

  • Episode: As You like It
  • Broadcast: March 15th, 1953

Character: Sylvius

BBC Sunday Night Theatre

  • Episode: L’Aiglon
  • April 12th, 1953

Character: Prokesch

Sunday Night Theatre

  • Episode: Will Shakespeare
  • Broadcast: May 24th, 1953

Character: William Shakespeare

Friar Bacon

  • Broadcast: November 1953

Character: The Earl of Lincoln

N.B. Shown as part of BBC Television’s ‘Elizabethan Night’.

Sunday Night Theatre

  • Episode: Rose Without A Thorn
  • Broadcast: December 27th, 1953

Character: Francis Derham


  • Broadcast: June 15th, 1954

Character: Lt. Fritz Lobheimer

Stage by Stage

  • Episode: The Relapse (A.K.A. ‘Virtue in Danger’)
  • Broadcast: December 7th, 1954

Character: Worthy


  • Episode: Hour of Decision
  • Broadcast: June 4th, 1955

Character: Tommy Glen

International Theatre

  • Episode: The Salt Land

Broadcast: November 8th, 1955

The Alabama

  • Broadcast: November 20th, 1955

Character: Captain Raphael Semmes


  • Episode: The Man From The Sea
  • Broadcast: May 18th, 1956

Character: Blunt


  • Episode: Child Of Her Time
  • Broadcast: June 8th, 1956

Character: Monsieur Latouche

The Gambler

  • Broadcast: August 9th, 1956

Character: Marquis de Grieux


A series of short stories read by PETER WYNGARDE TWW Channel 10 (South Wales and the West of England)

  • Broadcast: October 1956


PETER TWW Channel 10 Exclusive

The Debt

Character: Charles Designe

Television Playhouse

  • Episode: The Bridge
  • Broadcast: December 20th, 1956

Assignment Foreign Legion

  • Broadcast: January 25th, 1957

Sword of Freedom

  • Episode: The Sicilian
  • Broadcast: April 21st, 1958

Character: Colonna


PETER as Colonna in ‘The Sicillian’

Jesus of Nazareth: The Beloved Son

  • Part 1. Broadcast: February 25th, 1957
  • Part 2. Broadcast: March 4th, 1957

Character: John the Baptist

Overseas Press Club – Exclusive!

  • Episode: The George Polk Case
  • Broadcast: February 28th, 1957

Character: Andreas Bakolas


As Andreas Bokolas in ‘The George Polk Case’

Play of the Week

  • Episode: Enemy of the People
  • Broadcast: March 20th, 1957

Character: Hovstad

ITV Television Playhouse

  • Episode: Evening in Hochsberg
  • Broadcast: April 4th, 1957

Character: Nicholas Florian

Jack Hylton’s Monday Show

  • Episode: Hotel Riviera
  • Broadcast: June 2nd, 1957

Character: The Young Maharajah

The Widows of Jaffa

  • Broadcast: June 7th, 1957

Character: Mustafa


PETER as Mustafa in The Widows of Jaffa

A Tale of Two Cities


  • The Gathering Storm Broadcast: August 11th, 1957
  • The Jackal Broadcast: August 4th, 1957
  • The Honest Tradesman Broadcast: August 18th, 1957
  • The Storm Breaks Broadcast: August 25th, 1957
  • The Darkness Broadcast: September 1st, 1957
  • A Hand of Cards Broadcast: September 8th, 1957
  • The Footsteps Die Out Broadcast: September 15th, 1957

Character: Sidney Carton


  • Episode: Elephants Don’t Disappear
  • Broadcast: August 31st, 1957

Character: Eric Weiss

English Family Robinson

Character: Doctor Bannerji


PETER (left) as Doctor Bannerji, with John Robinson as Sandy Robinson and Olaf Pooley as Mirza from the play, ‘Free Passage Home’ – the last episode of the plays in the ‘English Family Robinson’ series.

Ordeal By Fire

  • Broadcast: October 31st, 1957

Character: Jerome Taillard

The Rain In August

  • Broadcast: BBC 1 – November 25th, 1957


ITV Television Playhouse

  • Episode: Love Her To Death
  • Broadcast: December 13th, 1957

Character: Lionel Collins


  • Broadcast: December 16th, 1957

Character: Narrator

Armchair Theatre

  • Episode: The Shining Hour
  • Broadcast: 5th January, 1958

The Royal Family Of Broadway

  • Broadcast: January, 1958

Character: Anthony Cavendish

General Electric Theatre

  • Episode: Time To Go Now
  • Broadcast: January 19th, 1958

Character: Raymond De Tresk

Sunday Special: Shadrach, Neshach and Abednego

  • Broadcast: May 11th, 1958

Character: Narrator

The Adventures of Benn Gunn


  • The Parson’s Son. Broadcast: June 1st, 1958
  • The Taking of the Walrus. Broadcast: June 8th, 1958
  • The Winning of the Treasure. Broadcast: June 15th, 1958
  • How The Treasure Was Buried. Broadcast: June 22nd, 1958
  • The Honest Seaman. Broadcast: June 29th, 1958
  • Marooned. Broadcast: July 6th, 1958

Character: John Silver

The Dark Is Light Enough

  • Broadcast: 26th January, 1958

Character: Richard Getter

Esso World Theatre

  • Episode: The Way of the World
  • Broadcast: January 13th, 1959

Character: Mirabelle

Play of the Week

  • Episode: The Education of Mr Sturrage
  • Broadcast: January 20th, 1959

The Saturday Special: Epilogue To Capricorn

  • All on Tape. Broadcast: October 31st, 1959
  • Manhunt. Broadcast: November 7th, 1959
  • Traitor’s Gate. Broadcast: December 5th, 1959

Character: Paul Vauxhall

Engineer Extraordinary

  • Broadcast: November 18th, 1959

Character: Isambard Kingdom Brunel


As Isabard Kingdom Brunel in ‘Engineer Extraordinary’

Play of the Week

  • Episode: South
  • Broadcast: November 24th, 1959

Character: Jan Wicziewsky


PETER (Right) as Jan Wicziewsky in ‘South’

Meeting Point

  • Broadcast: BBC1 – 13th March, 1960

PETER WYNGARDE reads St. Paul’s speech to the men of Athens, and an extract from his letter to the Christians at Colossae

On Trial

  • Episode: Sir Roger Casement
  • Broadcast: July 8th, 1960

Character: Sir Roger Casement


As Sir Roger Casement in ‘On Trial’

Play of the Week

  • Episode: Negative Evidence
  • Broadcast: February 7th, 1961

Character: Peter Brayling

The Taming Of The Shrew

  • Broadcast: March 24th, 1961

Character: Petruchio

N.B. Broadcast from the Bristol Old Vic

One Step Beyond – ‘Nightmare’

  • Broadcast: 27, June 1961

Character: Paul Roland

Queen of Scots

  • Broadcast: November 29th, 1961

Character: William Maitland of Lethington and Burleigh  at Fotheringhay     

The Sunday Night Play

  • Episode: Loyalties
  • Broadcast: BBC1 April 29th, 1962

Character: Ferdinand de Levis


PETER as Ferdinand de Levis in ‘Loyalties’

ABC Armchair Theatre

  • Episode: Night Conspirators
  • Broadcast: May 6th, 1962

Character: Werner Loder

Night Conspirators_avi_snapshot_06_13_[2013_02_23_17_45_56]

As Werner Loder in ‘Night Conspirators’

Out Of this World

  • Episode: Cold Equations
  • Broadcast: July 14th, 1962

Character: Captain Martin Barton



As Captain Barton in ‘Cold Equations’

Monty – The Life of Field-Marshal Lord Montgomery of Alamein

  • Broadcast: BBC1 – September 1st, 1964

Character: Narrator

About Religion

  • Dinner With The Devil
  • Broadcast: December 23rd, 1962

Character: The Devil


PETER as the Devil in ‘Dinner With The Devil’

Play of the Week

  • Episode: Darkness at Noon
  • Broadcast: January 15th, 1963

Character: Colonel Glenkin


As Glenkin in ‘Darkness At Noon’

Play of the Week

  • Episode: Camino Real
  • Broadcast: January 27th, 1963

Character: Jaques Casanova

Rupert of Hentzau


  • The Queen’s Goodbye. Broadcast: April 19th, 1964
  • Return to Zenda. Broadcast: April 26th, 1964
  • Audience With the King. Broadcast: May 3rd, 1964
  • The Wheel of Chance. Broadcast: May 10th, 1964
  • A Perilous Reunion. Broadcast: May 17th, 1964
  • The Decision of Fate. Broadcast: May 2th, 1964

Character: Rupert


As Rupert in ‘Rupert of Hentzau’

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

  • Broadcast: June 24th, 1964

Character: Oberon


As Oberon in ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream

The Pity of War

  • Broadcast: BBC2 – 4th August, 1964

The poems of Wilfred Owen read by PETER WYNGARDE

N.B. Repeated under the title ‘Contrasts – Pity of War’ on BBC1 – 5th November, 1968

A Choice of Coward

  • Episode: Present Laughter
  • Broadcast: August 10th, 1964

Character: Garry Essendine


As Garry Essendine in ‘Present Laughter’


  • Episode: The Forum
  • Broadcast: January 2nd, 1965

Character: Dr Henri Lefebvre

The Rules of the Game

  • Broadcast: February 15th, 1965

Character: Guido

Sherlock Holmes

  • Episode: The Illustrious Client
  • Broadcast: February 20th, 1965

Character: Baron Adelbert Gruner


As Baron Von Gruner in ‘The Illustrious Client’

Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Colour: The Further Adventures of Gallagher

  • Episode: A Case of Murder
  • Broadcast: September 26th, 1965

Character: Sir Richard Westby

The Trouble Shooters

  • Episode: A Nice Girl – Is She For Sale? (AKA ‘Mogul’ in USA)
  • Broadcast: November 17th, 1965

Character: Sheik Mohammed bin Falik

The Avengers

  • Episode: A Touch of Brimstone
  • Broadcast: February 19th, 1966

Character: The Honourable John Cleverly Cartney


PETER as John Cleverly Cartney in the Avengers episode, ‘A Touch of Brimstone’

The Man In Room 17

  • Episode: First Steal Six Eggs
  • Broadcast: April 29th, 1966

Character: Paul Panacek


As Paul Panacek in ‘First Steal Six Eggs’

Lucy In London

  • Broadcast: October 24th, 1966 (USA only)

Character: Himself


PETER as himself, with Lucille Ball in ‘Lucy in London’

The Saint

  • Episode: The Man Who Liked Lions
  • Broadcast: November 18th, 1966

Character: Tiberio Magadino

The Saint - S05E08 - The Man Who Liked Lions dvd-xvid-vamps_avi_snapshot_18_00_[2013_02_07_20_56_35]

As Tiberio Magadino in ‘The Man Who Liked Lions’

The Baron

  • Episode: The Legions of Ammak
  • Broadcast: November 18th, 1966

Character: King Ibrahim/Ronald Noyes


As King Ibrahim in ‘The Legions of Ammak’

Turn Out the Lights

  • Episode: The Boyhood Haunt
  • Broadcast: January 6th, 1967

Character: Richard Merlin

ITV Play of the Week

  • Episode: The Crossfire
  • Broadcast: February 7th, 1967

Character: Hugo de Croissillon


As Hugo de Croissillion in ‘The Crossfire’

The Avengers

  • Episode: Epic
  • Broadcast: April 1st, 1967

Character: Stewart Kirby


PETER as Stewart Kirby with Diana Rigg as Emma Peel in The Avengers episode, ‘Epic’.

The Saint

  • Episode: The Gadic Collection
  • Broadcast: June 25th, 1967

Character: Turen


As Turen in The Gadic Collection

Love Story

  • Episode: It’s A Long way Back To Transylvania
  • Broadcast: September 7th, 1967

Character: Konrad Von Kroll


As Konrad Von Koll in ‘It’s A Long way Back To Transylvania’

I Spy

  • Episode: Let’s Kill Karlovassi
  • Broadcast: September 11th, 1967

Character: George


As George in ‘Let’s Kill Karlovassi’

The Revenue Man

  • Episode: The Exile
  • Broadcast: November 3rd, 1967

Character: General Daniel

The Champions

  • Episode: The Invisible Man
  • Broadcast: October 2nd, 1967

Character: Dr John Hallem


As Dr. John Hallen in ‘The Invisible Man’

The Prisoner

  • Episode: Checkmate
  • Broadcast: November 27th, 1967

Character: Number 2


PETER as Number 2 in the Prisoner episode, ‘Checkmate’

Department S


  • Six Days – March 9th, 1969
  • The Trojan Tanker March – 16th, 1969
  • A Cellar Full Of Silence – March 23rd, 1969
  • The Pied Piper of Hambledown – March 30th, 1969
  • One Of Our Aircraft Is Missing – April 6th, 1969
  • The Man In The Elegant Room – April 20th, 1969
  • Black Out – April 27th, 1969
  • Who Played The Dummy? – October 1st, 1969
  • The Treasure of the Costa Del Sol – October 8th, 1969
  • Les Fluers Du Mal – October 22nd, 1969
  • The Shift That Never Was – October 29th, 1969
  • The Man From X – November 5th, 1969
  • Dead Men Die Twice – November 12th, 1969
  • The Perfect Operation – November 26th, 1969
  • The Duplicated Man – December 3rd, 1969
  • The Mysterious Man In The Flying Machine – December 10th, 1969
  • Death On Reflection – December 17th, 1969
  • The Last Train To Redbridge – January 14th, 1970
  • A Small War Of Nerves – January 21st, 1970
  • The Bones of Byrom Blain – January 28th, 1970
  • Spencer Bodily Is Sixty Years Old – February 11th, 1970
  • The Ghost Of Mary Burnham – February 18th, 1970
  • A Fish Out Of Water – February 25th, 1970
  • Soup Of the Day – March 4th, 1970
  • A Ticket To Nowhere – March 11th, 1970
  • The Double Death of Charlie Crippen – April 24th, 1970

Character: Jason King



  • May 1970 (Australia)

Character: Himself

Jason King


  • Wanna Buy A Television series? – September 15th, 1971
  • A Page Before Dying – September 22nd, 1971
  • Buried In the Cold, Cold Ground – October 6th, 1971
  • A Deadly Line In Digits – October 13th, 1971
  • Variations On A theme – October 20th, 1971
  • As Easy As ABC – November 10th, 1971
  • To Russia With Panache! – November 17th, 1971
  • A Red, Red Rose Forever – December 1st, 1971
  • All That Glistens (Part One) – December 8th, 1971
  • All That Glistens (Part Two) – December 15th, 1971
  • Flamingos Only Fly On Tuesdays – December 29th, 1971
  • Toki – January 5th, 1972
  • The Constance Missal – January 12th, 1972
  • Uneasy Lies The Head – January 19th, 1972
  • Nadine – February 2nd, 1972
  • A Kiss For A Beautiful Killer – February 9th, 1972
  • If It’s Got To Go, It’s Got To Go – February 16th, 1972
  • A Thin Band Of Air – March 3rd, 1972
  • It’s Too Bad About Auntie – March 10th, 1972
  • The Stones of Venice – March 17th, 1972
  • A Royal Flush – March 24th, 1972
  • Every Picture Tells A Story – March 31st, 1972
  • Chapter One: The Company I Keep – April 7th, 1972
  • Zenia – April 14th, 1972
  • An Author In Search Of Two Characters – April 21st, 1972
  • That’s Not me, It’s Someone Else – April 28th, 1972

Character: Jason King


PETER as Jason King

Crown Court

  • Episode: The Son of His Father
  • Part 1 Broadcast: January 17th, 1984
  • Part 2 Broadcast: January 18th, 1984
  • Part 3 Broadcast: January 19th, 2014

Character: Charles Marchington


As Charles Marchington in Crown Court

Doctor Who

  • Episode: Planet of Fire
  • Part 1 Broadcast: February 23rd, 1984
  • Part 2 Broadcast: February 24th, 1984
  • Part 3 Broadcast: March 1st, 1984
  • Part 4 Broadcast: March 2nd, 1982

Character: Timanov


PETER as Timanov in the Doctor Who episodes(s), ‘Planet of Fire’

The Hammer House of Mystery and Suspense

  • Episode: And the Wall Came Tumbling Down
  • Broadcast: November 19th, 1984

Character: Daniel Haswell/General Haswell


As General Haswell in ‘And the Wall Came Tumbling Down’

The Two Ronnies Christmas Special

  • Broadcast: December 25th, 1984

Character: Sir Guy


PETER as M’Lord on The Two Ronnies Christmas Special


  • Episode: I Met A Man Who Wasn’t There
  • Broadcast: August 14th, 1985

Character: Lol Gallio


The Comic Strip Presents

  • Episode: The Yob
  • Broadcast: March 12th, 1988

Character: Mr Kendel

The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes

  • Episode: The Three Gables
  • Broadcast: March 7th, 1994

Character: Langdale Pike


PETER as Langdale Pike and Jeremey Brett as Sherlock Holmes in ‘The Three Gables’.

The Lenny Henry Show

  • Broadcast: December 28th, 1994

Character: Mr Bad


As Mr Bad on The Lenny Henry Show


 ‘Meeting Point’

  • Broadcast: 1960
  • Himself

 ‘That Was The Week That Was’

  • Interviewed by Bernard Levin
  • Broadcast: October, 1963

‘Sea Borne Treasure – Reel 2’

  • Pathé News
  • Narrator

 ‘The Mike Walsh Show’ (Australia)

  • Interview
  • Broadcast: March 5th, 1970

 ‘12th Annual TV Week Logie Awards’

  • Himself
  • Broadcast: 1970

 ‘VIP Schaukel’

  • Broadcast: (Germany) January, 1971
  • Documentary

‘Miss World’

  • Judge
  • Broadcast: November 10th, 1971

‘Stars In Der Manege’

  • Performer
  • Broadcast: 1971

 ‘Stars In Der Manege’

  • Performer
  • Broadcast: 1972

‘Miss TV Europe’

  • Host
  • Broadcast: ITV – January 17th, 1973

 ‘V.I.P. – Schaukel’

  • 1973
  • Himself

‘The Russell Harty Show’

  • Guest
  • Broadcast: November 1973

Xtra; Peter Wyngarde On Russell Harty 1973_avi_snapshot_04_02_[2013_02_08_20_51_14]

PETER as a guest on the Russell Harty Show

‘This Is The West This Week’

  • Broadcast: 9th September, 1974

The Amazing World of Kreskin’

  • Broadcast: January 1975

‘Queen: Magic Years – A Visual Anthology’

  • 1987
  • Interviewer

‘Jameson Tonight’ Sky 1

  • Guest
  • Broadcast: June 1989 

‘The Right To Reply’

  • Interview
  • Broadcast: Channel 4 – August 1992

‘Pebble Mill’

  • Interview
  • Broadcast: April 1993

‘The Late Show’ (Germany)

  • Interviewed by Thomas Gottschalk
  • Broadcast: May 1994


PETER on The Late Show

‘The Cult Corporation’

  • Interview
  • Broadcast: June 29th, 1995

‘This Morning’

  • Interview
  • Broadcast: ITV – April 1st, 1997

‘What a Performance!’

  • Interview and Archive Footage
  • Broadcast: ITV – August 10th, 2000

‘Astleys Way’

  • Archive Footage
  • Broadcast: ITV – September 2001

‘After They were Famous’

  • Interview
  • Broadcast: November 5th, 2002

‘Dee Time’

  • Interview
  • Broadcast: December 29th, 2002

‘Top Of The Cops’

  • Himself/Archive footage
  • Broadcast: 2009

‘100 Greatest TV Characters’

  • Interview and Archive Footage
  • Broadcast: Channel 4 – March 2002
  • (Repeated – August 2003)

‘Don’t Knock Yourself Out’

  • Prisoner Documentary
  • 2007

‘Timeshift: How to Be Sherlock Holmes -The Many Faces of a Master Detective’

  • Narrator
  • Broadcast: January 2014

 ‘It Was Alright In The 60’s’

  • Guest
  • Broadcast: September 19th, 2015


PETER on It Was Alright In The 60’s

The Hellfire Club: The OFFICIAL PETER WYNGARDE Appreciation Society:


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