“PETER WYNGARDE is probably the country’s most underrated actor”.

Sir John Gielgud – Actor

All broadcast dates are for the United Kingdom, unless otherwise stated

Sunday Night Theatre

Episode: Rope

Broadcast: January 8th, 1950

Character: Charles Granillo

The Dybbuk

Broadcast: October 21st, 1952

Character: Channon

General Electric True Theatre

Character: Raymond DeTresk

Sunday Night Theatre

Episode: As You like It

Broadcast: March 15th, 1953

Character: Sylvius

BBC Sunday Night Theatre

Episode: L’Aiglon (‘The Eaglet’)

Broadcast: April 12th, 1953

Character: Prokesch

BBC Sunday Night Theatre

Episode: Will Shakespeare

Broadcast: May 24th, 1953

Character: William Shakespeare

Friar Bacon

Broadcast: November 1953

Character: The Earl of Lincoln

N.B. Shown as part of BBC Television’s ‘Elizabethan Night’.

BBC Sunday Night Theatre

Episode: Rose Without A Thorn

Broadcast: December 27th, 1953

Character: Francis Derham


Broadcast: June 15th, 1954

Character: Lt. Fritz Lobheimer


The cast and crew of ‘Liebelei’. (PETER is fourth from the right on the back row).

Stage By Stage: The Relapse (A.K.A/ ‘Virtue In Danger’)

Broadcast: December 7th, 1954

Character: Worthy

N.B. Broadcast from the stage of the Television Theatre before an invited audience


Episode: Hour of Decision

Broadcast: June 4th, 1955

Character: Tommy Glen

International Theatre

Episode: The Salt Land

Broadcast: November 8th, 1955

Character: Arich

The Alabama

Broadcast: November 20th, 1955

Character: Captain Raphael Semmes


Honesty Is The Best Policy

Broadcast: 25th March, 1956

Character: The Marchese Fabio Coli


Episode: The Man From The Sea

Broadcast: May 18th, 1956

Character: Blunt


Episode: Child Of Her Time

Broadcast: June 8th, 1956

Character: Monsieur Latouche

The Gambler

Broadcast: August 9th, 1956

Character: Marquis de Grieux


A series of short stories read by PETER TWW Channel 10 (South Wales and the West of England)

Broadcast: October 1956


PETER TWW Channel 10 Exclusive

The Debt

Character: Charles Designe

Television Playhouse

Episode: The Bridge

Broadcast: December 20th, 1956

Assignment Foreign Legion

Broadcast: January 25th, 1957

Jesus of Nazareth

Character: John the Baptist

Part 1. ‘The Beloved Son’ – Broadcast: February 25th, 1957

Part 2: ‘Preparing the Way’ – Broadcast: March 4th, 1957 


PETER as John the Baptist

Overseas Press Club – Exclusive!

Episode: The George Polk Case

Broadcast: February 28th, 1957

Character: Andreas Bakolas


As Andreas Bokolas in ‘The George Polk Case’

Play of the Week

Episode: Enemy of the People

Broadcast: March 20th, 1957

Character: Hovstad

ITV Television Playhouse

Episode: Evening in Hochsberg

Broadcast: April 4th, 1957

Character: Nicholas Florian

Jack Hylton’s Monday Show

Episode: Hotel Riviera

Broadcast: June 2nd, 1957

Character: The Young Maharajah

The Widows of Jaffa

Broadcast: June 7th, 1957

Character: Mustafa


PETER as Mustafa in The Widows of Jaffa

A Tale of Two Cities


Recalled to Life: 29th July, 1957

The Jackal: 4th August, 1957

The Gathering Storm: 11th August, 1957

The Honest Tradesman: 18th August, 1957

The Storm Breaks: 25th August, 1957

Darkness: 1st September, 1957

A Hand at Cards: 8th September, 1957

The Footsteps Die Out Forever: 15th August, 1957

Character: Sidney Carton

4318573_tina bate_In-Store Restoration Art_0_0_x1

PETER as Sidney Carton in ‘A Tale of Two Cities’


Episode: Elephants Don’t Disappear

Broadcast: August 31st, 1957

Character: Eric Weiss

English Family Robinson


*(The Little World – Broadcast: 3rd November, 1957

 *(Night of the Tigers)– Broadcast: 7th November, 1957

* (The Third Miracle) – Broadcast: 14th November, 1957

Free Passage Home – Broadcast: 21st November, 1957

Character: Doctor Bannerji

*All episodes in series are listed here. PETER appeared in the final instalment

Ordeal By Fire

Broadcast: October 31st, 1957

Character: Jerome Taillard


The Rain In August

Broadcast: BBC 1 – November 25th, 1957


ITV Television Playhouse

Episode: Love Her To Death

Broadcast: December 13th, 1957

Character: Lionel Collins

The Truffles

Broadcast: December 16th, 1957

Character: Narrator

Armchair Theatre

Episode: The Shining Hour

Broadcast: 5th January, 1958

Character: David

The Royal Family Of Broadway

Broadcast: January, 1958

Character: Anthony Cavendish

General Electric Theatre

Episode: Time To Go Now

Broadcast: January 19th, 1958

Character: Raymond De Tresk

The Light is Dark Enough

Character: Richard Gettner

Broadcast: 26th January, 1958

N.B. Dame Edith Evans, who played Countess Rosmarin Ostenburgh, made her television debut in this play.


PETER as Richard Gettner in The Light is Dark Enough

Sword of Freedom

Episode: The Sicilian

Broadcast: April 21st, 1958

Character: Colonna


PETER as Colonna in ‘The Sicilian’

Sunday Special: Shadrach, Neshach and Abednego

Broadcast: May 11th, 1958

Character: Narrator

The Adventures of Benn Gunn


The Parson’s Son. Broadcast: June 1st, 1958

The Taking of the Walrus. Broadcast: June 8th, 1958

The Winning of the Treasure. Broadcast: June 15th, 1958

How The Treasure Was Buried. Broadcast: June 22nd, 1958

The Honest Seaman. Broadcast: June 29th, 1958

Marooned. Broadcast: July 6th, 1958

Character: John Silver

The Royal Family of Broadway

Broadcast: August 2rd, 1958

Character: Anthony Cavendish

About Religion

Down to Earth

Broadcast: January 4th, 1959


Play of the Week

Episode: The Education of Mr Surrage

Broadcast: January 20th, 1959

Character: Vallance

The Black Cat

Broadcast: 8th March, 1959

A reading of Edgar Alan Poe’s short story by PETER WYNGARDE

The Taming Of The Shrew

Broadcast: March 26th, 1959

Character: Petruchio

N.B. Recorded at the Bristol Old Vic. Shown in edited, 60-minute version by ITV regional channel, T.W.W.

The Tell Tale Heart

Broadcast: 30th March, 1959


The Saturday Special: Epilogue To Capricorn

All On Tape. Broadcast: October 31st, 1959

Manhunt. Broadcast: November 7th, 1959

Point Of No Return. Broadcast: November 14th, 1959

Child’s Play. Broadcast:  November 21st, 1959

Time Factor. Broadcast: November 28th, 1959

Traitor’s Gate. Broadcast: December 6th, 1959

Character: Paul Vauxhall

Engineer Extraordinary

Broadcast: November 18th, 1959

Character: Isambard Kingdom Brunel


As Isambard Kingdom Brunel in ‘Engineer Extraordinary’

Play of the Week

Episode: South

Broadcast: November 24th, 1959

Character: Lieutenant Jan Wicziewsky


PETER (Right) as Jan Wicziewsky in ‘South’

Meeting Point: The Bible Comes Alive: In Translation

Broadcast: BBC1 – 13th March, 1960

PETER reads St. Paul’s speech to the men of Athens, and an extract from his letter to the Christians at Colossae

On Trial

Episode: Sir Roger Casement

Broadcast: July 8th, 1960

Character: Sir Roger Casement


As Sir Roger Casement in ‘On Trial’

Play of the Week

Episode: Negative Evidence

Broadcast: February 7th, 1961

Character: Major Peter Brayling

The Taming Of The Shrew

Broadcast: March 24th, 1961

Character: Petruchio

N.B. Recorded at the Bristol Old Vic

One Step Beyond

Episode: Nightmare

Broadcast: 27, June 1961

Character: Paul Roland

Queen of Scots

Broadcast: November 29th, 1961

William Maitland (at Loch Levan) and William Cecil – 1st Earl of Burleigh (at Fotheringay)

The Sunday Night Play

Episode: Loyalties

Broadcast: BBC1 April 29th, 1962

Character: Ferdinand de Levis

N.B. PETER was nominated Actor of the Year for his performance as De Levis

ABC Armchair Theatre

Episode: Night Conspirators

Broadcast: May 6th, 1962

Character: Werner Loder

Night Conspirators_avi_snapshot_06_13_[2013_02_23_17_45_56]

As Werner Loder in ‘Night Conspirators’

Out Of this World

Episode: Cold Equations

Broadcast: July 14th, 1962

Character: Captain Martin Barton


As Captain Barton in ‘Cold Equations’

Monty – The Life of Field-Marshal Lord Montgomery of Alamein

Broadcast: BBC1 – September 1st, 1964

Character: Narrator

About Religion

Dinner With The Devil

Broadcast: December 23rd, 1962

Character: Nicholas Traber


PETER as the Devil in ‘Dinner With The Devil’

Esso World Theatre – England: Puritan Versus Cavalier

Broadcast: 13th January, 1964 (WOR-TV, USA)

Character: Mirabelle (in ‘The Way of the World)/Himself (‘One Warm Saturday’)

As part of an ensemble cast, Peter Wyngarde performs scenes from ‘The Way of the World’ and reads ‘One Warm Saturday’

Play of the Week

Episode: Darkness at Noon

Broadcast: January 15th, 1963

Character: Colonel Glenkin


As Glenkin in ‘Darkness At Noon’

Play of the Week

Episode: Camino Real

Broadcast: January 27th, 1963

Character: Jaques Casanova

Rupert of Hentzau


The Queen’s Goodbye. Broadcast: April 19th, 1964

Return to Zenda. Broadcast: April 26th, 1964

Audience With the King. Broadcast: May 3rd, 1964

The Wheel of Chance. Broadcast: May 10th, 1964

A Perilous Reunion. Broadcast: May 17th, 1964

The Decision of Fate. Broadcast: May 2th, 1964

Character: Rupert


As Rupert in ‘Rupert of Hentzau’

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Broadcast: June 24th, 1964

Character: Oberon


As Oberon in ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream

The Pity of War

Broadcast: BBC2 – 4th August, 1964

The poems of Wilfred Owen read by PETER and Alan Dobie

His life and poetry introduced by C. Day-Lewis

N.B. Repeated under the title ‘Contrasts – Pity of War’ on BBC1 – 5th November, 1968

A Choice of Coward

Episode: Present Laughter

Broadcast: August 10th, 1964

Character: Garry Essendine


As Garry Essendine in ‘Present Laughter’


Episode: The Forum

Broadcast: January 2nd, 1965

Character: Dr Henri Lefebvre

The Rules of the Game

Broadcast: February 15th, 1965

Character: Guido

Sherlock Holmes

Episode: The Illustrious Client

Broadcast: February 20th, 1965

Character: Baron Adelbert Gruner


As Baron Von Gruner in ‘The Illustrious Client’

Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Colour: The Further Adventures of Gallagher

Episode: A Case of Murder

Broadcast: September 26th, 1965

Character: Sir Richard Westby

The Trouble Shooters

Episode: A Nice Girl – Is She For Sale? (AKA ‘Mogul’ in USA)

Broadcast: November 17th, 1965

Character: Sheik Mohammed bin Falik

The Avengers

Episode: A Touch of Brimstone

Broadcast: February 19th, 1966

Character: The Honourable John Cleverly Cartney


PETER as John Cleverly Cartney in the Avengers episode, ‘A Touch of Brimstone’

The Man In Room 17

Episode: First Steal Six Eggs

Broadcast: April 29th, 1966

Character: Paul Panacek


As Paul Panacek in ‘First Steal Six Eggs’

Lucy In London

Broadcast: October 24th, 1966 (USA only)

Character: Himself


PETER with Lucille Ball in ‘Lucy in London’

The Saint

Episode: The Man Who Liked Lions

Broadcast: November 18th, 1966

Character: Tiberio Magadino

The Saint - S05E08 - The Man Who Liked Lions dvd-xvid-vamps_avi_snapshot_18_00_[2013_02_07_20_56_35]

As Tiberio Magadino in ‘The Man Who Liked Lions’

The Baron

Episode: The Legions of Ammak

Broadcast: November 18th, 1966

Character: King Ibrahim/Ronald Noyes


As King Ibrahim in ‘The Legions of Ammak’

Turn Out the Lights

Episode: The Boyhood Haunt

Broadcast: January 6th, 1967

Character: Richard Merlin

ITV Play of the Week

Episode: The Crossfire

Broadcast: February 7th, 1967

Character: Hugo de Croissillon


As Hugo de Croissillion in ‘The Crossfire’

The Avengers

Episode: Epic

Broadcast: April 1st, 1967

Character: Stewart Kirby


PETER as Stewart Kirby with Diana Rigg as Emma Peel in The Avengers episode, ‘Epic’.

The Saint

Episode: The Gadic Collection

Broadcast: June 25th, 1967

Character: Turin


As Turin in The Gadic Collection

Love Story

Episode: It’s A Long way Back To Transylvania

Broadcast: September 7th, 1967

Character: Konrad Von Kroll


As Konrad Von Koll in ‘It’s A Long way Back To Transylvania’

I, Spy

Episode: Let’s Kill Karlovassi

Broadcast: September 11th, 1967

Character: George


As George in ‘Let’s Kill Karlovassi’

The Revenue Man

Episode: The Exile

Broadcast: November 3rd, 1967

Character: General Daniel

The Champions

Episode: The Invisible Man

Broadcast: October 2nd, 1967

Character: Dr John Hallem


As Dr. John Hallen in ‘The Invisible Man’

The Prisoner

Episode: Checkmate

Broadcast: November 27th, 1967

Character: Number 2


PETER as Number 2 in the Prisoner episode, ‘Checkmate’

Department S


Six Days – March 9th, 1969

The Trojan Tanker March – 16th, 1969

A Cellar Full Of Silence – March 23rd, 1969

The Pied Piper of Hambledown – March 30th, 1969

One Of Our Aircraft Is Missing – April 6th, 1969

The Man In The Elegant Room – April 20th, 1969

Black Out – April 27th, 1969

Who Played The Dummy? – October 1st, 1969

The Treasure of the Costa Del Sol – October 8th, 1969

Les Fluers Du Mal – October 22nd, 1969

The Shift That Never Was – October 29th, 1969

The Man From X – November 5th, 1969

Dead Men Die Twice – November 12th, 1969

The Perfect Operation – November 26th, 1969

The Duplicated Man – December 3rd, 1969

The Mysterious Man In The Flying Machine – December 10th, 1969

Death On Reflection – December 17th, 1969

The Last Train To Redbridge – January 14th, 1970

A Small War Of Nerves – January 21st, 1970

The Bones of Byrom Blain – January 28th, 1970

Spencer Bodily Is Sixty Years Old – February 11th, 1970

The Ghost Of Mary Burnham – February 18th, 1970

A Fish Out Of Water – February 25th, 1970

Soup Of the Day – March 4th, 1970

A Ticket To Nowhere – March 11th, 1970

The Double Death of Charlie Crippen – April 24th, 1970

Character: Jason King


PETER as Jason King in Department S


May 1970 (Australia)

Character: Himself

Jason King


Wanna Buy A Television series? – September 15th, 1971

A Page Before Dying – September 22nd, 1971

Buried In the Cold, Cold Ground – October 6th, 1971

A Deadly Line In Digits – October 13th, 1971

Variations On A theme – October 20th, 1971

As Easy As ABC – November 10th, 1971

To Russia With Panache! – November 17th, 1971

A Red, Red Rose Forever – December 1st, 1971

All That Glistens (Part One) – December 8th, 1971

All That Glistens (Part Two) – December 15th, 1971

Flamingos Only Fly On Tuesdays – December 29th, 1971

Toki – January 5th, 1972

The Constance Missal – January 12th, 1972

Uneasy Lies The Head – January 19th, 1972

Nadine – February 2nd, 1972

A Kiss For A Beautiful Killer – February 9th, 1972

If It’s Got To Go, It’s Got To Go – February 16th, 1972

A Thin Band Of Air – March 3rd, 1972

It’s Too Bad About Auntie – March 10th, 1972

The Stones of Venice – March 17th, 1972

A Royal Flush – March 24th, 1972

Every Picture Tells A Story – March 31st, 1972

Chapter One: The Company I Keep – April 7th, 1972

Zenia – April 14th, 1972

An Author In Search Of Two Characters – April 21st, 1972

That’s Not me, It’s Someone Else – April 28th, 1972

Character: Jason King


PETER as Jason King in ‘Jason King’

Scenes From Shakespeare: The Merchant of Venice

Character: Shylock

Broadcast: (WOR-TV, Austria)August, 1977

N.B. Directed by PETER and recorded at the English Theatre, Vienna, by Austrian Educational Television.

Crown Court

Episode: The Son of His Father

Part 1 Broadcast: January 17th, 1984

Part 2 Broadcast: January 18th, 1984

Part 3 Broadcast: January 19th, 2014

Character: Charles Marchington


As Q.C., Charles Marchington in Crown Court

Doctor Who

Episode: Planet of Fire

Part 1 Broadcast: February 23rd, 1984

Part 2 Broadcast: February 24th, 1984

Part 3 Broadcast: March 1st, 1984

Part 4 Broadcast: March 2nd, 1982

Character: Timanov


PETER as Timanov in the Doctor Who episodes(s), ‘Planet of Fire’

The Hammer House of Mystery and Suspense

Episode: And the Wall Came Tumbling Down

Broadcast: November 19th, 1984

Character: Daniel Haswell/General Haswell


As General Haswell in ‘And the Wall Came Tumbling Down’

The Two Ronnies Christmas Special

Broadcast: December 25th, 1984

Character: Sir Guy


PETER as Sir Guy on The Two Ronnies Christmas Special


Episode: I Met A Man Who Wasn’t There

Broadcast: August 14th, 1985

Character: Lol Gallio


As Lol Gallio in ‘Bulman’

The Comic Strip Presents

Episode: The Yob

Broadcast: March 12th, 1988

Character: Mr Kendel

The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes

Episode: The Three Gables

Broadcast: March 7th, 1994

Character: Langdale Pike


PETER as Langdale Pike and Jeremey Brett as Sherlock Holmes in ‘The Three Gables’.

The Lenny Henry Show

Broadcast: December 28th, 1994

Character: Mr Bad


As Mr Bad on The Lenny Henry Show

Book Box

Episode: Virtual Reality

Broadcast: 4th March, 1996

Character: Jim the Genie

Book Box

Episode: The Great Detective

Broadcast: 18th March, 1996

Character: Jim the Genie

Book Box

Episode: One World

Broadcast: 25th March, 1996

Character: Jim the Genie


 ‘Meeting Point’

Broadcast: 1960


 ‘That Was The Week That Was’

Interviewed by Bernard Levin

Broadcast: October, 1963

‘Sea Borne Treasure – Reel 2’

Pathé News


 ‘The Mike Walsh Show’


Broadcast (Australia): March 5th, 1970

 ‘12th Annual TV Week Logie Awards’


Broadcast: (Australia) 1970

 ‘VIP Schaukel’

Broadcast: (West Germany) January, 1971


‘Miss World’


Broadcast: November 10th, 1971

‘Stars In Der Manege’


Broadcast: (Germany) 1971

 ‘Stars In Der Manege’


Broadcast (West Germany): 1972

‘International Concert’

Broadcast: (Hungary): 15th December 1972

‘Miss TV Europe’


Broadcast: ITV – January 17th, 1973

 ‘V.I.P. – Schaukel’



‘The Russell Harty Show’


Broadcast: November 1973

Xtra; Peter Wyngarde On Russell Harty 1973_avi_snapshot_04_02_[2013_02_08_20_51_14]

PETER as a guest on the Russell Harty Show

The Amazing World of Kreskin’

Broadcast: 14th August, 1974

‘This Is The West This Week’

Broadcast: 9th September, 1974

‘Pebble Mill At One’

Interview regarding the play, ‘Dracula’

30th April, 1975

‘Queen: Magic Years – A Visual Anthology’



‘Jameson Tonight’ Sky 1


Broadcast: June 1989 

‘The Right To Reply’


Broadcast: Channel 4 – August 1992

‘The History of Religious Broadcasting’

Clips from ‘Dinner With The Devil’ (1962)

Broadcast: January, 1993

‘Pebble Mill’


Broadcast: April 1993

‘The Late Show’

Interviewed by Thomas Gottschalk

Broadcast: (Germany) May 1994


PETER on The Late Show

‘The Cult Corporation’


Broadcast: June 29th, 1995

‘This Morning’


Broadcast: April 1st, 1997


PETER on ‘This Morning’

‘What a Performance! What A Performance! Cads, Charmers and Playboys

Interview and Archive Footage

Broadcast: ITV – August 10th, 2000

‘Astleys Way’

Archive Footage

Broadcast: ITV – September 2001

‘After They were Famous’


Broadcast: November 5th, 2002

‘Dee Time’


Broadcast: December 29th, 2002

‘Top Of The Cops’

Himself/Archive footage

Broadcast: 10th April, 2009

‘100 Greatest TV Characters’

Interview and Archive Footage

Broadcast: Channel 4 – March 2002

(Repeated – August 2003)

‘Don’t Knock Yourself Out’

Prisoner Documentary


‘Timeshift: How to Be Sherlock Holmes -The Many Faces of a Master Detective’


Broadcast: January 2014

 ‘It Was Alright In The 60’s’


Broadcast: September 19th, 2015


PETER on It Was Alright In The 60’s

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