“Watch that young man. He is the best emerging actor in the country!”

Sir Tyrone Guthrie – Theatrical Director


(Above): Card produced to promote PETER’s appearances in rep

PETER’s first appearances on stage was in Youth Theatre in the 1940’s. This is a complete list of all his appearances.

Pick-Up Girl

  • Character: Door Attendant/Policeman Owens/A Young Man.
  • British National Tour – Autumn/Winter 1946.

N.B. In earlier performances of ‘The Pick-Up Girl’, Peter was billed in the role of “The Door Attendant”, but was later credited in the part of both ‘Policeman Owens’ and ‘A Young Man’.

Present Laughter

  • Character: Morris Dixon
  • British Tour – Autumn 1947


  • Character: A Messenger/A Murderer
  • Colchester Repertory Theatre. February 1948

  Deep Are The Roots

  • Character: Chuck Warren
  • Colchester Repertory Theatre. March 1948

 The Government Inspector

  • Character: Osip
  • Royal Court Theatre, York. May 24th, 1948

 Residents Only

  • Character: Mr. Maydigger
  • Royal Court Theatre, York. June 1948

 The Devil’s Disciple

  • Character: Chaplain Brundenell
  • Royal Court Theatre, York. June 1948

 Fly Away Peter

  • Colchester. January 1949.


  • Character:
  • Nottingham Playhouse. January 1949

 By Candle Light

  • Character: Baron Egon Von Felsen.
  • Colchester/Nottingham. January 1949.

 Tobias And The Angel

  • Character: Raguel
  • The Playhouse, Nottingham. April 1949

 Shadow and Substance

  • Character:
  • The Playhouse, Nottingham. April 1949

  The Paragon

  • Colchester. May 1949

 The Apple Cart

  • Character: Nicobar, The Foreign Secretary
  • The Playhouse, Nottingham. May 1949

  The Winslow Boy

  • Character: Sir Robert Morton
  • The Playhouse, Nottingham. June 1949

 Fresh Fields

  • Character: The Chinese Servant
  • The Playhouse, Nottingham

 The Merchant of Venice

  • Character: The Duke of Venice
  • The Playhouse, Nottingham


  • Character: Cassio
  • Nottingham Playhouse. January 1949
  • The Embassy Theatre, London. May-July 1949

  When We Were Married

  • Character: Gerald Forbes
  • The Embassy Theatre, London. July 1949

The Happiest Days of Your Life

  • Character: Dick Tassell
  • The Richmond Theatre. January, 1950

The Long Shadow

  • Character:
  • The Richmond Theatre. January, 1950

P.C. 49 – The Case of the Shocking Shadow

  • Character: Andre Cheval
  • The Richmond Theatre. May 1950

The Magistrate

  • Character: Mr. Wormington
  • Richmond Theatre. May 1950.


  • Character: Jerry Seymore
  • The Richmond Theatre. June 1950


  • Character: Voltimand/3rd Player
  • The New Theatre, Bromley. February 1951

N.B. This production of ‘Hamlet’ at the New Theatre, Bromley, was produced as part of the Festival Of Britain celebrations.

Loaves and Fishes

  • Character: Bertram Railing
  • The New Boltons Theatre Club, London. March 1951

The Taming Of The Shrew

  • Character: Tranio
  • The Marlow Theatre. May 1951

Love From a Stranger

  • Character: Nigel Lawrence
  • The Grand Theatre, Southampton, September 1951

 Murder Without Crime

  • Character: Matthew
  • The Grand Theatre, Southampton, October 1951

  Agatha Christie’s Black Coffee

  • Character: Inspector Japp and Sir Claude Amory
  • Grand Theatre, Southampton, November 1951

 Young Wives Tale

  • Character: Victor Manifold
  • The Grand Theatre, Southampton, November 1951

 They’ll Arrive Tomorrow

  • Character: Jonah
  • The Irving Theatre, London. June 1952

 The Loyal Traitors

  • Character: The Communist
  • The Arts Theatre, London. January, 1953

  September Tide

  • Character: Evan Davies
  • Marlow Theatre, Canterbury

  The Nobel Spaniard

  • Character: The Spaniard
  • The Cambridge Arts Theatre

No Laughing Matter

  • Character: Gérard Barbier
  • The Arts Theatre, London. July, 1954.

 The Enchanted (A.K.A. ‘Intermezzo’)

  • Character: The Ghost/A Young Man.
  • The Arts Theatre, London. March 1954

  Saint Joan

  • Character: Dunois
  • The Arts Theatre, London. September 1954

  Journeys End

  • Character: Stanhope
  • The Irvine Theatre. July 1954

 The Good Woman of Setzuan

  • Character: Yang-Sun
  • The Royal Court Theatre, London. October 1956

 No Laughing Matter

  • Character: Gérard Barbier
  • The Arts Theatre, London. January, 1957

 Duel of Angels

  • Character: Count Marcellus
  • British Tour. April 1958

The Taming Of The Shrew

  • Character: Petruchio
  • The Old Vic, Bristol – February 24th – March 10th, 1959.

N.B. Recorded and shown by ITV (T.W.W.) in an edited 60-minute version on March 26th, 1959.


As Petruchio in ‘The Taming of the Shrew’

Cyrano De Bergerac

  • Character: Cyrano
  • The Old Vic, Bristol – May 1959


As Cyrano in ‘Cyrano De Bergerac’

Duel of Angels

  • Character: Count Marcellus
  • The Apollo Theatre, London. 1959

 Duel of Angels

  • Character: Count Marcellus
  • American Tour. 1959-1960


PETER with Mary Ure in ‘Duel of Angels’

Long Day’s Journey Into Night

  • Produced and Directed by PETER WYNGARDE.
  • The Bristol Old Vic. March 17th – April 7th, 1959

N.B. The play, was recorded and broadcast on television.

King John

    • Character: King John
    • The Mother House, London

 The Merchant of Venice

  • Character: Shylock
  • The Mother House, London


  • Character: Macbeth
  • The Mother House, London

 Night Conspirators

  • Character: Werner Loder
  • The Pavillion Theatre, Bournmouth. April 1963
  • The Saville Theatre, London. May 1963
  • The Golders Green Hippodrome, London. May 1963

 Time Remembered

  • Character: Prince Albert Troubiscoi
  • New Theatre Bromley. September 1964

 The Philanderer

  • Character: Leonard Charteris
  • The New Theatre, Bromley. June 1965

 The Servant

  • Character: Barrett.
  • The Yvonne Arnaud Theatre, Guilford. September/October 1966.
  • The Duke of York’s Theatre, London

 The Two Character Play

  • Character: Felice
  • The Hampstead Theatre Club. December 1967

N.B. The world premiere of the play was on December 11th, 1967.

 The Duel

  • Character: Nickolay von Koren
  • The Duke of York’s Theatre, London. April 1968


  • Character: Ben Butley
  • The Metro Theatre, Melbourne, Australia. April 1971.

N.B. The production of ‘Butley’ at the Metro Theatre, Melbourne, was the World Premier of Charles Dyer’s play.

 Mother Adam

  • Character: Adam
  • Regional Tour. August-November, 1972

  The King and I

  • Character: The King
  • The Adelphi Theatre, London.
  • British National Tour – October 1973


PETER as The King in The King and I

Water, Water, Everywhere

  • Royal Pavilion Music Room, Brighton. 1974

Present Laughter

  • Character: Garry Essendine
  • British National Tour. Autumn 1974


  • Character: Vivorde Szekels/Count Dracula
  • British National Tour. Spring 1975

 Time and the Conways

  • Directed by Peter.
  • The Yvonne Arnaud Theatre, Guilford. December 1975

The Merchant of Venice

  • Character: Shylock.
  • The English Theatre, Vienna. 1975/76 (Televised)

 N.B. A performance of this play was televised in Austria

 Dear Liar

  • Character: George Bernard Shaw
  • The English Theatre, Vienna. 1976

Peter Wyngarde & Brinkmann in Dear Liar

As George Bernard Shaw in ‘Dear Liar’

 Big Toys

  • Character: Richie Bosenquet
  • The English Theatre, Vienna.1976.

N.B. This play was also directed by PETER WYNGARDE.


  • Character: Prince Bounine
  • British National Tour. 1976.

The Merchant of Venice

  • Character: Shylock.
  • British Tour.


  • Character: Sidney Bruhl
  • The Baxter Theatre, Cape Town, South Africa.


  • Character: Alexander Howard.
  • The Royal Alexander Theatre, Toronto, Canada. March-May 1983
  • British Tour.

Light Up The Sky

  • Character: Carlton Fitzgerald
  • The Old Vic, London. September 1985.


  • Character: Abanaza.
  • His Majesties Theatre, Aberdeen. December 1984/January 1986.

Babes In The Wood

  • Character: The Sherriff of Nottingham.
  • Richmond Theatre. December 1985/January 1986.

Guilty Conscience 

  • Character: The Prosecutor
  • The Theatre Royal, Windsor. June/July 1986.

Wait Until Dark

  • Character: Harry Roat.
  • National Tour, South Africa. 1989
  • The Hilton International hotel, Singapore: August 26th-September 2nd.
  • The Regent Hotel, Kuala Lumpar: September 4th-27th.
  • The Travel Lodge Hotel, Papua New Guinea: September 22nd-October 7th.
  • The Siam InterContinental, Bangkok: October 9th-13th.
  • The Nile Hilton, Cairo: October 18th-23rd.
  • The Jordan InterContinental Hotel: October 25th-28th.
  • The Athens Hilton, Athens: October 30th-November 3rd.
  • The InterContinental Hotel, Dubai: November 6th- November 13th.
  • The Hilton International Hotel, Manaman: November 15th-20th.
  • The InterContinental Hotel, Muttrah: November 22nd-27th.
  • The InterContinental Hotel, Abu Dhabi: November 30th-December 4th.
  • The InterContinental Hotel, Al Ain: December 6th.


As Harry Roat in ‘Wait Until Dark’

The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari

  • Character: Doctor Caligari
  • The Playhouse Theatre, Liverpool – September 1995

N.B. Peter appeared in just one half of the opening night performance of ‘The Cabinet Of Doctor Caligari’ at the Playhouse Theatre in Liverpool on Tuesday, September 19th, 1995, before withdrawing from the show with a serious throat infection.

The Hellfire Club: The OFFICIAL PETER WYNGARDE Appreciation Society:




  1. Water, Water Everywhere in Brighton 1974.
    Have you got any details about this production; I know the quote is from “Rime of the ancient mariner”, a long poem by Samuel Taylor Coleridge.


    • Hi Matt! Sorry for the delay in replying.

      The event you asked about took place at the Pavilion in Brighton, and was a series of readings in different areas of the building – inside and out.

      I hope that helps, and again, I apologise for not getting back to you sooner.

      With Regards,



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