Over the years, PETER has won numerous awards – many of them converted honours, others more of the bizarre.

1960: ‘Most Promising Newcomer’ for portrayal of Count Marcellus in Duel of Angels on Broadway. U.S.A.

1960: ‘San Francisco Award for Best Actor In A Foreign Play’ for portrayal of Count Marcellus in ‘Duel of Angels’ on Broadway. U.S.A.

1961 ‘Television Actor of the Year’ (Guild of Producers and Directors) for his portrayal of Ferdinand de Levis in ‘Loyalties’ on ITV.


 1962: ‘Best Actor’ by The Guild Of Television Producers and Directors.

1967: ‘Best Actor’. Emmy. For portrayal of Stewart Kirby in the Avengers episode, ‘Epic’

 1996: ‘European Television Personality Of The Year’. Satellite and Cable Television viewers – European Community – 1996.


 1970: ‘Best Dressed Man in Britain’. (UK)

1970: ‘Man of the Year’ (West Germany).


PETER receiving his ‘Best Dressed Man’ award from Miss Radio Luxemburg in 1971.

1971: ‘Best Dressed Man in Britain’. (UK)

1971: ‘Neck-Tie Man of the Year’ Germany. (West Germany).

1971: ‘The Man We Would Most Like To Lose Our Virginity To’ (Australia)

1971: ‘The Man We Would Most Like To Be Lost In Space With’ (By a survey of Texan schoolgirls).

1972: ‘Neck-Tie Man of The Year’. (West Germany).

1972: ‘The Man With The Sexiest Voice On TV’ (By readers of The Sun newspaper).

1972: ‘Most Compulsive Male TV Character’. (By readers of the TV Times).

1972: ‘Sex of the Best’ (By readers of She magazine).

1973: ‘The “Unofficial’ Mister World’ (By readers of ‘The Daily Mail).

1973: ‘The Most Kissable Man In Britain’ (By readers of ‘Petticoat’ magazine).

The Hellfire Club: The OFFICIAL PETER WYNGARDE Appreciation Society:



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