This page is a work in progress, which will be added to when ‘new’ items come to light.

 Action Figures

(Below) Klytus – General of Ming’s Armies. AF-725546. 72. Manufactured by Biff! Bang! Pow!


(Below) Dying Klytus – Manufactured by Biff! Bang! Pow!


(Below) Klytus Pop! Funko POP! Movies Flash Gordon General Klytus Vinyl Action Figure 311

  • General Klytus collectable vinyl figure12_19e18498-7e46-45fe-81ca-15d58c17a1b6_grande
  • From Flash Gordon
  • Funko POP! model
  • Highly detailed collectable
  • Approx. 9.5cm tall


s-l1600 (3)(Above) Custom Signed 1/1 Funko POP General Klytus Gold By Chicago Artist Dichi Don

Audio Tapes


(Above) The Two Gentlemen of Verona. 2 x 60 minute tapes (Unabridged). HarperCollins Audio Books. ISBN 0-00-105024-9



25mm Pin back badge by RetroBadge.


Burn, Witch, Burn badge by Vicious Delights, USA



The complete Department S comic strip collection. Limited editions. Only 20 made.

 Cine Film 


16mm film of Department ‘S ‘A Fish Out Of Water’

16mm film of the Avengers episode, A Touch of Brimstone.

8mm Film of Jason King – ‘The Stones of Venice’. Country of origin: (West) Germany

Coat Hanger


A curiosity from the 1970’s – a Jason King coat hanger

Collector Cards


Postcard-sized picture of PETER with facsimile signature, which were sent to fans by ITC and ICM (agent) on request of autographed photograph. 1962.

Postcard-sized picture of PETER with facsimile signature, which were sent to fans by ITC and ICM (agent) on request of autographed photograph. 1970

Postcard-sized picture of PETER with facsimile signature, produced by Carl Gresham at personal appearances.

Comic Books

Department ‘S’: Televise Favorieten – Volume 6′. Published in Holland in 1969, features four different Department S cartoon strips entitled:’De Verwenen Geleeden’ (The Disappeared Scientists), ‘Gouldkapers Aan Boord’ (Gold Stealers On Board), ‘Het Poppenmysterie’ (The Puppet Mystery), and ‘Diplomaat Vermist’ (The Missing Diplomat).

Flash Gordon Comic: 1980 (below) adapted by Bruce Jones and supported by amazing art by award-winning Al Williamson.


The X Men (Marvel Comics) – featuring Jason Wyngarde.

Vol. 1 – No.129: ‘God Spare The Child’. Published: January 1980.

Vol.2 – No.130: ‘Dazzler’. Published: February 1980.

Vol.3 – No.131. ‘Run For Your Life’. Published: March 1980.

Vol.4 – No.132: ‘And Hellfire Is Their Name’. Published: April 1980.

Vol.5 – No.133: ‘Wolverine Alone’. Published: May 1980.

Vol.6 – No.134. ‘Too Late The Heroes!’ Published: June 1980.

The Essential X-Men – Book 2. A black and white anthology of the above mentioned Marvel comics featuring the Jason Wyngarde character. Published in the U.S.A. by Marvel Comics. $14.95 (UK £10.95).

The Uncanny X-Men – The Dark Pheonix Saga. X-Men comics featuring the Jason Wyngarde Character. Published in the U.S.A. by Marvel Comics. $15.95 (UK – £11.99)



Camera Obscura ‘PETER WYNGARDE Special’ (Above). Issue No.23. 20 Page A4, black and white.

Published in 1996 by the Birmingham branch of the Prisoner appreciation society, ‘Six of One’. Includes articles on actors who had appeared in both The Prisoner and Department S; transcript of PETER’s 1993 appearance on Pebble Mill; biography and analysis of PETER’s portrayal of No.2 in Checkmate.

The Morning After (The Persuaders Appreciation Society) Department S Special Issue. A2. Black and White. Includes articles on Department S memorabilia, cast profiles and episode listing.

Once Upon A Time… Issue No.35 (Canadian Prisoner Appreciation magazine) ‘Checkmate’ Special Issue. 42 Pages. A2, black and white.

Front of House Stills and Lobby Cards


Various and numerous. Here with a few examples from PETER’s films:

Clockwise – American poster for Burn, Witch Burn.

British Still for Night of the Eagle.

German Lobby Card for Himmel, Scheich und Wolkenbruch.

American Flash Gordon Lobby Card.

Iron-on Transfer


(Above) Circa 1980. Original Klytus iron-on transfer (USA).



Burn, Witch, Burn – US Release



Matchbox Labels


Dutch: Lucifer Etiketten Zonder doos. Size: Approx 50MM  35MM. One of a set of 100 featuring TV and music stars.

Model Cars


Manufactured in Germany. All-metal Bentley Continental as driven by Jason King in Department S. With accompanying plastic lamp-post and road-block.


(Above) All metal 1950’s Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud manufactured by the British toy company, Budgie Models, for H. Seener Ltd. Ref 102.


Model Bentley Continental with Jason King figure. Wolf Toys, (West) Germany, 1972

s-l1600 (7)

1:43 scale silver Bentley Continental with display box, from Code 3 models.

s-l1600 (8)

1:43 scale maroon Bentley Continental with display box, from Code 3 models.


Model Bentley Continental with Jason King figure.



Jason King (Abbove) & Stewart Sullivan/Sir Curtis Seretse/Annabelle Hurst. Published in 1990 by Engale Marketing of Preston, Lancashire, as part of a 16-card ITC set.

Psychedelic card featuring PETER as Jason King. Published by Klassic Kards of London, England in 1993.


(Above) Set of 10 Department S cards from Cassy. (2016)



Burn, Witch, Burn (Above): 1st Berkley 1962 Richard Matheson film tie-in edition.


Department S – German publication

Doctor Who – Planet of Fire. Published by Target Books. (1984). Written by Peter Grimwade. ISBN: 0-426-199405.


Flash Gordon by Arthur Byron Cover (1980). Based on the screenplay by Lorenzo Semple JR. ISBN:0-450-05191 9.

Jason King: Published by Pan Books (1971). Written by Robert Miall. ISBN:0-330-231650. Story based on two episodes from the series – ‘A Deadly Line In Digits’ and ‘The Company I Keep’.


Kill Jason King (Above): Published by Pan Books (1971). Written by Robert Miall. ISBN: 0-330-234196. Story based on two episodes from the series – ‘As Easy As A.B.C.’ and ‘A Red, Red Rose Forever’.


The Siege of Sidney Street film tie-in (above): Written by Fredrick Oughton, 1960.

Pinball Machine


Bally produced this ‘Flash Gordon’ arcade game in 1980 to coinciding with the release of the movie based on the comic strip character. There were about 10,000 of these games made.

Playing Cards

Manufactured in Argentina (2019). The Three of Hearts clearly shows Charles Middleton   as Ming the Merciless from the 1930’s series, which is a rather glaring error!

s-l1600 (1) 



(Above) Two posters from Pace International (London). The poster to the left was the best seller for Pace in the UK that year in 1971.


(Above) 30in x 25in colour print by Sandecor of (West) Germany, 1972

s-l1600 (5)

(Above): 18×26 (46×66 cm) Fotobusta poster created for the Italian release of Flash Gordon by Renato Casaro. One from a set of eight.

In addition…

In 1971, Scotch-Ege chose five of the biggest stars of the day, which included PETER, Jimi Hendrix, Steve McQueen, Elvis Presley, and Bridget Bardot – to help promote their magnetic tape and audio cassettes. The 39inx25in posters were given away in exchange for three tabs taken from cassette index cards. The promotion was advertised in such publications as Melody Maker, Rolling Stone and the NME.

This is an 11″x17″ or 13″x19″ Flash Gordon movie fine art poster printed on thick matte paper. Perfect for framing!


(Above): Hand printed General Klytus promo poster. USA.


1980. Fold out poster-magazine


Publicity Material (ITC)


Department S Press Book: Published in 1969. 34-Page guide to the series featuring profiles on the main characters. Black and white photograph on a glossy cover.

Press Book. 14 Page publicity book introducing the Jason King series and characters.


Department S – A4 Landscape gatefold publicity card (Above): Published in 1969. Black and white photographs on front and back cover.


Jason King Press Book (Above): 15-Page guide to the series featuring profiles on Peter and the production staff. Colour photographs on a glossy cover.


Press Pack. Printed in 1995 to publicise re-showing of Department ‘S’ on satellite television. (Above).

Press Photos


Press Books


(Above) American Burn, Witch, Burn Press Book.

Records and CD’s

Cyrano de Bergerac: Caedmon Records, 1964. Play in the Brian Hooker translation, starring Sir Ralph Richardson, Anna Massey, PETER WYNGARDE, John Fraser, Ronald Fraser, Michael Gwynn ; Howard Sackler, director. 3 discs.

‘PETER WYNGARDE’ by PETER WYNGARDE. Released in Great Britain by RCA Victor (1970) – Catalogue Number: SF 8087. Gatefold sleeve with portrait photograph on the front and with a picture of him facing a wall full of graffiti referring to the track ‘Rape’. In the centre, is a full-length photograph of the waxwork dummy of PETER, which was said to have been displayed at Madam Tussaude’s in London. Recorded at Olympic Sound Studios in Surrey, England.

‘PETER WYNGARDE’ by PETER WYNGARDE. Released in (West) Germany in 1970 on the RCA International/Camden Label Catalogue number: INTS 1271   The German LP was released in a single sleeve (No gatefold), and the “segue” track “Widdecombe Fair” is not included on the LP. The vinyl disc has a blue label instead of the orange label which was on the British release.

7” Singles

La Ronde De L’Amour/The Way I Cry Over You. Released by RCA Victor in 1970.

‘PETER WYNGARDE “Commits” Rape/The Way I Cry Over You’. RCA Victor PW 1. Released in 1970. (Promotional Pressing).


Department ‘S’ Theme (Above). Released in by Pye Records in 1969. Catalogue No.: 7N 17801. Issued in a black and white picture sleeve.


Department ‘S’ Theme (Above). Released in Japan in 1969.

Jason King Theme by Laurie Johnson. Released in Britain by EMI in October, 1971.

Jason King: 7″ Single. Columbia 006-29 926. German release.


Compilation Albums

‘The Graham Walker Sound – Famous TV Themes’. Released by Saga in 1969. Catalogue No.: EROS 8126. Featuring the theme from Department S.

‘Top TV Themes. Released in Britain by Marble Arch Records in 1969. Compilation featuring Department ‘S’ Theme.

‘Alan Hawkshaw Mohawks Funky 60’s TV Themes’. Released by Saga in 1969. Catalogue No.: EROS 8126. Compilation featuring Department ‘S’ Theme.

‘Geoff Love And His Orchestra Play Your Top TV Themes’ (Below). Released by MFP in Britain, Holland, Belgium, South Africa, Germany France and Sweden in 1972. Catalogue No.: MFP 5272. Featuring the theme from Department S’.


‘Original TV Hits Of The Sixties’. Released in Britain in 1975 by Moment Records. Catalogue No.: Moment 105. Featuring the theme from Department S.

’50 Popular TV Themes (2 record set). Released in Britain by Pickwick Records in 1977. Catalogue No.: 50D 315.

‘Power Themes 90’. Released by Telstar in Britain in 1990. Catalogue No.: TLP 2430. Features a re-mixed version of the theme from Department S.

‘The A to Z Of British TV Themes. Released in Britain by Play It Again in 1993. Catalogue No.: Play 004.Featuring the Department S Theme.

‘Cult TV Classics Volume 1’. Freebie given away with Cult TV Magazine in 1997. Catalogue No.: CTV 5/12/97. Featuring the theme from Jason King.

‘The Sound Gallery 2’. Released in Britain by EMI in 1996. Catalogue Number: 7243 8 52990 2 5. Includes a handwritten Laurie ‘Ode To Laurie Johnson’ ” by PETER. Featuring the theme from Jason King.

‘This Is Cult Fiction Royale’. Released by Virgin in 1998. Catalogue No.: VTDCD 151. Features the theme from Department S.

‘The Avengers And Other Top TV Themes’. Released by Sequel Records in 1999. Catalogue No.: NEM CD. Featuring the theme from Department S.


(Above): Audio CD (17 Sept. 1996). Number of Discs: 1; Label: Scamp; ASIN: B000000IAZ

‘Be Thou Now persuaded: Living In A Shakespearean World’. Released by Rhino Records in September 1999. Catalogue No.: 081227581626. A 6 disc set of speeches from Shakespeare plays. Disc 5 features ‘If With His Tongue , He Cannot Win A Woman’, as spoke by Peter as Valentine from the 1965 reading of The Two Gentlemen of Verona.

‘Magpie – 20 Junkshop Pop Ads and Themes’. Featuring ‘Come In’ and ‘Neville Thumbcatch’ from ‘PETER WYNGARDE’ . Released in Britain 2002.

Classic 60’s Cult TV Themes’. Released by Castle Music Limited. Catalogue No.: SEL CD 561. Featuring the Department S theme by the Cyril Stapleton Orchestra.

‘Blow Up – Exclusive blend Volume 4’ by Jack Arel and Jean-Claude Petit. The track – ‘Last Departure’, was featured as background music in the infamous “Shake’n’Shout” scene from ‘The Man From X’ (Department S).

‘Who Would Have Thought’. Released in Britain in 2003. Catalogue No.: PAPRBOX09. Three disc CD boxed set of psychedelic and progressive rock. Features ‘Rape’; last track, Disc 1.

Sheet Music

Sheet music of Edwin Astley’s theme to Department S. Issued in Britain in A4 format with a black and white photograph of the three main characters on the cover. Published by New World Music Limited of New Bond Street, London. It originally cost 3 shillings (15p).

Theatre Memorabilia


Varied: Programmes (Above) and posters.



Jason King (Above) from Kustom Tees.

Klytus (Below) by Redbubble.



(Above) Night of the Eagle/Burn, Witch, Burn! – – Hand screened 100% T-Shirt by DammitTees, USA

Trading Cards


The Avengers collectors card: Peter as John Cleverly Cartney in ‘A Touch of Brimstone’


No.63 of The Saint trading card collection by C-Cards Inc. features PETER in the role of Turen in ‘The Gadic Collection’


Strictly Ink: Series Three, No. 20 features PETER as Timanov  


Set of 72 “Base” cards by Cards Inc. featuring scenes and characters from The Prisoner. No.27 features Peter as Number Two.


The Prisoner 2018 Autograph Cards by Unstoppable Cards

s-l1600 (11)

This listing is for an autograph card of PETER as Teberio Magadino (PW1) Turen (PW2). The card is part of The Saint Series 2 set of trading cards released by Unstoppable Cards in November 2018.


(Above) Klytus Collector Card – issued by Weetabix, 1981.1 of 18 cards – which feature movie scenes from Flash Gordon.  Cards measuring 90 mm x 42 mm, with a description of the scene on the reverse. Issued in strips of 3 or 6 depending on packet size.




ITC Home Video releases


The Avengers ‘Epic’ (Above). Released as a single episode in the USA in 1993. HSV 1604


Black & White, Closed-captioned, NTSC. US Release.

Click here for information on higher-end Peter Wyngarde collectables

The Hellfire Club: The OFFICIAL PETER WYNGARDE Appreciation Society:



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