For the first time ever in print, the complete life story of a television and style icon

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Peter Wyngarde: the name elicits memories of an actor with worldwide renown and instantly adhesive star quality. During a more leisurely time, so far from internet gossip as to be barely recognisable, this is a biography that glued two people together for several decades to create a journal of the rise and relaxation of a household name and the adoration they enjoyed.

The author has not placed their subject on a pedestal to unwittingly create an epic story of fame, fortune, the price of both and the cost of each other. With a wealth of stories to fascinate and appal in equal measure, and given it’s subject’s continuing fascination for a more worldly generation who would barely have heard of the power of the Lord Chamberlain, there is plenty to consume a worldwide readership for the story of someone whose fame hid fragility but whose status was the stuff of legend. 

Good luck with the book, Tina. I’m really looking forward to reading it.

With all my best wishes,

Joel Fabiani

“Tina’s life story of Peter is a must read from the one who knew him best.”

Sam J. Jones – Actor

“A fascinating, wonderfully written book.” 

Steven Berkoff

 “I have rarely read a biography that gives such a complete sense of its subject, both as an artist and as a real human being.”

Tania Donald – Author and Artist

“Peter Wyngarde: A Life Amongst Strangers” is phenomenal book, and is most certainly the most detailed and intimate biography I’ve ever read. You can almost see Peter nonchalantly walking out of the pages!”

Peter Stadlera – Munich

“Exhaustively researched. In anyone’s book, this has to be the most honest, ‘warts and all’ biography out there!”

Andrew Calverley – Actor and film-maker


Firstly, the is not a conventional biography, as it’s in two parts, the first half of which tells Peter’s story from his birth until the late 1980s, which was when I first met him. It then becomes more of a memoir, covering both his career and our time together.

There are contributions to the book from many well-known personalities, who were Peter’s friends and colleagues.

Much of what’s contained in the book is in Peter’s own words, which has been taken from his own writing, and both letters to and from him – including the 2,000 letters, texts and emails he sent to me.

Since Peter gave few interviews to the press and little is known about his private life, many myths have inevitably sprung up about him. This book dispels many of those rumours and tackles the misconceptions born out of media misrepresentation with reasoned argument and genuine evidence.

The book is extremely detailed and honest. Although many of the fallacies about Peter are dispelled within its pages, there has been no attempt to whitewash over the bad moments in his. I have been 100% truthful throughout, and provides evidence to back any argument I make.

I have relied on my vast collection of private papers, original scripts, legal documents, court transcripts, personal diaries and private audio tapes etc., collected by myself over a 30-year period.

The book will also include some rare and never-before-seen photographs of Peter from his childhood, and throughout his seventy-year career.

The nature of the relationship I shared with Peter is laid bare in HIS words, and corroborated by mutual friends and show business acquaintances. This, I hope, will finally put to bed the vicious and cruel accusations levelled against me in the wake of Peter’s death in January, 2018.

The project is backed by Peter’s agent, Thomas Bowington (Bowington Management), and the Forewords have been written by actors, Steven Berkoff and Sam J. Jones. 

The book is available to buy from the following outlets: Amazon, Waterstones, WH Smith, Gardners Books, Barnes & Nobel, Bertrams, Nielsen, Ingram, Bam! and Indiebound. You will also be able to purchase directly from Austin-Macaulay themselves.

The author of this book does not wish to make any money from Peter Wyngarde’s name. Any royalties earned from the sale of the biography will be donated directly to

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