Thanks to some remarkable archiving by Tina Wyngarde-Hopkins and the Hellfire Hall Official Peter Wyngarde Appreciation Society, the world can now share in his full story.”

John Walsh, Author

The ultimate biography of an acting legend by Tina Wyngarde Hopkins

"This is an intimate biography that is elegantly crafted, intensively researched and presented with the utmost honour." 
Steven Berkoff - Actor, writer, playwright, theatre practitioner, director and friend of Peter Wyngarde.

"Tina's life story of Peter is a must-read from the one who knew him best." 
Sam J. Jones - Actor and friend of Peter Wyngarde

"Congratulations on your book. Peter was fortunate to have you at his side for so many precious years." 
Joel Fabiani - Actor and friend of Peter Wyngarde

"Perhaps no subject has had such a devoted author as Tina Wyngarde-Hopkins, whose decades-long relationship with Peter has given him the "life" he deserves - warts and all - and produced a book that I can say deserves my 5-Star rating and a permanent place on my bookshelf. I can see Peter raising a glass to that." 
Annette Andre - Actress and friend of Peter Wyngarde

"Masterfully written, with first-hand knowledge, unique sentiment and a myriad of meaningful and funny anecdotes and accounts to enjoy and better understand an out-of-the-box personality." 
The Hollywood Reporter
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